Connecticut Pistol Permit

In Connecticut, pistol permits are issued by local municipalities for residents and by the Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police for non-residents.  The requirements include safety training equal to the NRA Basic Pistol Safety course.  Non-residents must also have a pistol permit from any other state.  This means that a New York resident can obtain a Utah pistol permit and then apply for a Connecticut permit.


  1. Obtain the application package from your local police department or first selectman’s office. (The main application form is standard, however each town may add information)
  2. Attend our NRA Basic Pistol Safety course. (click on Schedule to find a course)
  3. Submit your completed application with NRA certificate to your police agency.
  4. State law requires the issuing authority to make a decision within eight weeks.  If denied, you may appeal to the Board of Firearms Examiners.
  5. Once you receive your Temporary State Permit, take it to the DPS in Middletown or other location and apply for a 5-year permit.
  6. Cost is $140 ($70 to town, $70 to state)


  1. Obtain the non-resident application package by calling the DPS at 860-685-8290
  2. Complete the entire application and include fingerprints, photograph and remember to have your forms notarized
  3. Cost is $70.00



Connecticut Department of Public Safety  – Pistol Permit Page

DPS 799-C Application For Pistol Permit Form (PDF)